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How To Make Fried Rice Indonesia

Fried rice is one of my favorite breakfast food. I want to share the easy way how to make fried rice.

Okay, First step, prepare the main ingredients:

  1. Rice White four plates
  2. Chicken Breast 100 grams, diced cut, then cook
  3. Shrimp 200 grams, dispose of it's head and skin, then cook
  4. Red Pepper two pieces, Just take its shell, and then slice diagonally
  5. Sweet Soy Sauce two tablespoon
  6. Tomato Sauce two tablespoon
  7. and Butter to taste

Have also the spices:

  1. Five cloves of Onion
  2. Three cloves of Garlic
  3. A teaspoon of Salt
  4. A Half teaspoon of Sugar
  5. A Half teaspoon of Shrimp Paste, which is called by terasi in Indonesia, this is really tasty.

Will be more delicious with additional ingredients:

  1. Four Fried Eggs
  2. and Fried Onions to taste

How To Make Fried Rice

  1. Heat butter
  2. then put all the spices and red pepper
  3. Put rice, chicken and shrimp
  4. then stir until evenly
  5. lift and serve it with the additional ingredients while warm
So That's it! pretty easy.

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